Cloud point of sale for restaurants and cafés

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Powerful Features

Online ordering, mobile payments, loyalty programs, guest surveys, kitchen video, labor management, and more.


Cloud Based

PCI validated, your data is safe, secure, and easily accessible in the cloud. Automatic upgrades are included.


Live Support

Support agents are ready and able to assist you.


Enterprise Solution

Effective menu management and reporting across multiple units.

Brink Point of Sale Features

Cloud Based

Different from ordinary POS systems, Brink POS is a cloud-based software solution. No back office server is required; your data is safe, secure, and accessible in the cloud.

  • No Long Term Contract
  • Automatic Upgrades
  • Secured Data
  • Accessible Anywhere
  • Fault Tolerant

Cloud Based Point of Sale System

Brink POS is provided as a monthly service; there are no large up-front software licensing fees. Plus, upgrades are included and performed automatically.

What happens if your internet goes down? Don't worry, Brink POS will continue to operate in "offline" mode and then automatically synchronize all data and transactions when the connection is restored.

Online & Mobile Ordering

Our online ordering module is part of the POS system, which means you only need to setup your menu once!

  • Mobile & Desktop Versions
  • Payment Processing
  • Seamless Integration
  • Accessible Anywhere

Restaurant Online and Mobile Ordering

No need to worry about 3rd party integrations. The same discounts and promotions you offer in your restaurant can easily be made available online. And, your customer’s loyalty account is also their online ordering account. Loyalty rewards and order history are all in one single location.

Both regular desktop online ordering and mobile ordering is available to the guest, so they can order from either their computer or their smart phone.

Orders placed online are automatically sent to the kitchen at the correct time based on the customer's requested pickup time.


The Brink POS loyalty features allow you to create a wide variety of reward programs that keep your customers coming back again and again.

Some of the supported loyalty program configurations include:

  • Point Based Plans
  • Visit Based Plans
  • Item Based Plans
  • Lottery Style Rewards
  • Bonus Events

Restaurant Loyalty System

You'll keep in constant contact with your customers through automated loyalty related emails, which are an excellent way to remind and encourage a guest to return to your restaurant.

Guest Surveys

Brink POS offers a powerful guest survey component that is fully integrated into the point of sale.

  • Order Level Responses
  • Item Triggered
  • Automatic Rewards

Guest Surveys for Restaurants

Include survey instructions on receipts or automatically email the guest a survey when a particular item is ordered. Offer instant rewards for survey completion and greatly increase your response rate. Advanced reporting can associate a particular survey response back to the original order, letting you quickly address customer service concerns.

Enterprise Reporting

Brink POS enterprise reporting makes it easy to manage and generate reports for one or multiple locations. You are in full control of defining how your data is consolidated; by city, state, region, country, etc.

  • Consolidated Data
  • True Real Time
  • Automatic Delivery Via Email

Restaurant Enterprise Reporting

All reports are real-time, so you have access to the most up to date information possible. Quickly analyze sales, labor, kitchen performance, and much more to help you effectively operate your business.

Multi-Unit Management

Brink POS makes menu management and system configuration across multiple units quick and easy with our unique changesets technology.

  • Simplifies Menu Rollout
  • Improves Efficiency

Restaurant Multi-Unit Management

You are able to make changes to one location, then decide which, if any, other locations to apply the changes to. Gone are the days of making menu changes over and over again. With Brink POS you only need to make your system changes once.

Whether you have two locations, or thousands of locations, this is the tool you need to efficiently manage your POS menu.


Employees are able to clock in/out on the Brink POS system, therefore providing a complete labor management solution.

  • Time & Attendance
  • Payroll Integration
  • Labor Scheduling
  • Labor Cost Reporting

Restaurant Labor Reporting

Integrated labor scheduler lets you assign shifts and easily see labor distribution.

Advanced labor reporting provides real time access to labor cost and labor vs sales percentage, allowing you to make timely staffing decisions.

Integration with payroll providers such as ADP allow for effortless payroll processing.


The register application drives your in-store operations, from order entry to labor management.

  • Secured Access
  • Customizable Layout
  • Advanced Promotions & Discounts
  • Complete Peripheral Support

Secured access is provided in a number of different forms. Employees can access the system through biometric authentication, magnetic card swipe, or entry of a PIN number.

Touchscreen Register for Restaurant

Advanced promotions and discounts allow you to perform functions such as comping a meal or accepting a Groupon-type of promotional coupon code.

The register application supports all of the peripherals needed by a café or restaurant. This includes cash drawers, printers, barcode scanners, weight scales, magnetic card readers, coin changers, finger printer readers, and more.

Kitchen Video

Go green and monitor the efficiency of your kitchen with the Brink POS kitchen video system.

  • Speed of Service Reporting
  • Order & Item Level Modes
  • Order Completion Notifications

Kitchen Video Systems for Restaurants

The kitchen video system eliminates the need for kitchen printers and the continuous replacement of paper rolls. Items ordered are displayed on the video monitor and can be grouped by order or simply listed in line item mode. As items or orders are completed or run to the guest, they are bumped from the screen by selecting a button on the special keyboard, referred to as a bumpbar.

The kitchen video system gives the operator visibility into kitchen efficiency and speed of service reporting. Know exactly how long items take to be prepared and how long an entire order takes to be delivered to the guest. This helps identify bottlenecks or staffing issues and can greatly improve how your kitchen operates.

Credit Card Processing

Brink POS supports most major credit card processors.

Transaction times are ultra-fast via the Internet. With certain providers a dialup device can be used as a backup for any rare Internet outages.

Brink POS is PA-DSS verified by the PCI Security Council so you can trust that transactions, along with all of your customers' sensitive card holder data, is safe and secure.

Restaurant Credit Card Processing

Gift Card Processing

Brink POS supports all major gift card processors.

Gift cards can be used both in the store and online, and can also be used as loyalty cards.


Gift Card Processing for Restaurants

Future Orders

Future orders can be taken by restaurant staff or by customers via the web. Regardless of an order's origin it will be seamlessly sent to the appropriate kitchen device with no staff interaction.

  • Future Dates
  • Accept Deposits
  • Stored Credit Cards

Restaurant Future Orders

Easily manage phone ahead or catering orders. Minimum deposit requirements can be enforced both in the restaurants and online.


We know that it's important to have a person you can call when a serious issue arises. We have a dedicated support staff that is ready and able to assist you.

  • Fast Response Time
  • Knowledgeable & Friendly

Restaurant Point of Sale Support

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