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Panasonic Drive-Thru Automated Greeter

The Panasonic Drive-Thru Automated Greeter (DTAG) is designed to welcome and provide pre-recorded information to your customers. Greeter functions are easily configured using the system keypad and clearly viewed on an alphanumeric LCD display. Message programming is available through an external speaker/microphone/headset or through a user supplied audio channel.  Drive Thru Automatic Greeter 

 When a vehicle is detected at the speaker post, the Panasonic Automated Greeter plays one of several pre-recorded messages to your guest. Any one of these messages can be manually selected or automatically scheduled based on time of day and day of week. This powerful programming flexibility minimizes the need for human intervention and ensures message consistency. As one of the most advanced customer greeters on the market today, designed especially for quick-serve restaurant operations, the Panasonic Drive-Thru Automated Greeter offers increased utilization of labor, enhanced speed of service and maximized customer communication. Features of the Autogreeter include:

  • Record up to 8 individual messages, each up to 25 seconds in length
  • A ninth message slot can be used to record a message up to 40 seconds - an ideal amount of time to communicate closed store status and hours of operation
  • Non-Volatile Memory - In the event of power loss or power fluctuations, all messages and day part programming are retained
  • Battery Date/Time Back-up - An internal rechargeable battery maintains date and time data in the event of a power outage
  • Can be programmed to play messages to completion, without allowing an employee to interrupt, or to have messages pre-empted by pressing the Talk button on the drive-thru order taker
  • An easy-to-use solution, greeter functions are easily configured using the system keypad and clearly viewed on an alphanumeric LCD display.
  • Customize your prerecorded message for specified times of the day and/or week.
  • Specify if you would like the prerecorded message to repeat and even determine the volume of the message all programmable by day part!


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