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Fast Track Timers for the QSR Industry

Fast Track Drive-Thru Timers

 Fast Track Timers by Delphi Display Systems provide the critical information needed, in real-time, to optimize the speed-of-service of your drive-thru. The Fast Track 3000 Series DTIS (Drive-Thru Information System) displays detailed vehicle timing information on a high resolution in-store dashboard display for an instantaneous view into critical performance metrics. The Fast Track 3000 Series enables managers and crew members to have the information needed to improve throughput and increase profitability in the drive-thru.


The Fast Track 3000 Series Timer is the industry's most accurate and reliable timer. It is sleek, compact, and versatile, making it easy to mount and aesthetically pleasing within your restaurant. The Fast Track Timer is network ready for high-speed remote access from any location.


 Fast Tack displays how many cars are in line and how long they've been waiting. Fast Track can display greet, menu, cashier, pick-up times and more, so you always know how your business is performing. Fast Track will count the number of cars served and will continuously measure and log service times for multiple lanes. Fast Track can also help deter employee theft by counting the number of cars serviced and reconciling it against POS data.


The Fast Track DTIS presents your speed-of-service data on up to 4 easy-to-read LCD screens. There are 12 user-friendly templates to easily customize the display onsite with just a few simple clicks of a mouse. See the information you want, where you want it. Install a display in the kitchen and manager's office so everyone can see how long it takes for each car to get through the drive-thru.


 Fast Track DTIS provides multi-color graphs and visual indicators of when goals have been exceeded to maximize performance. Display percentage of goal. Show average service times and other key performance metrics to motivate and reward teams on results.


Fast Track PC software enables users to quickly download timer data, upload parameters, and generate reports locally or remotely. Produce reports with timing information by daypart, shift, day, or hour. Automatically email reports to keep other locations and/or management to keep them informed. With the Enterprise version, download data from multiple locations into a single file to create customized reports and perform detailed analysis of the performance of all QSR locations.